Company Introduction
Established in 1986, Taiwan Gimsun Yan Enterprise Co., Ltd. has developed good cooperative relationships with renowned GMP manufacturers and biotechnology companies in Europe and the USA, as well as biotechnology research institutes in Taiwan. With our professional background and channel experiences in the healthcare industry, we provide integrated solutions and diverse high quality services.
Certified Health Food ‘Bio-Herb’
The products introduced by Gimsun Yan have been well received over the years. Meanwhile, Gimsun Yan has put great emphasis on product innovation, research and development. In cooperation with the Biomedical Technology Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), we succeeded in developing the ‘Bio-Herb Capsule’. This product acquired the Certificate of Health Food No. A00036 from the Department of Health of Taiwan, and is the first all-natural herbal formula health food designed for a healthy liver. The success of developing the ‘Bio-Herb’ not only required innovation in biotechnology, but also Gimsun Yan’s commitment to our customers’ health.
Professional Certifications and safekeeping of Food Safety
In terms of quality policy, Gimsun Yan was certified first for the ISO-9001, the international quality management standard. Then in 2009, we obtained three major certifications for international food safety: we were re-certified and upgraded to the latest version of ISO-9001, and successfully attained the ISO-22000 international food safety management certification as well as the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification. The acquisition of certifications is not only an honor, but also a responsibility. Gimsun Yan will always take food safety management as its fundamental mission and play the role of a gatekeeper to safeguard the health of our customers.
Our factory certified by US FDA

With the advance of health concepts and the development in biotechnology industries, Taiwan’s industries have reached the stage of mature technology and advanced quality. “Made in Taiwan” has become a symbol of high quality, and represents the strength of the export trade in Taiwan. Having built our own factory in Taichung Industrial Park, Gimsun Yan has been dedicated to the promotion of research and production skills, as well as the expansion of the export market. Moreover, in 2013, our factory received the certification of USA FDA, meaning our products have even higher quality. With a base in Taiwan, we will expand globally. We will let the whole world witness the progress and the achievements of Taiwan’s industries.

Facilitator of healthy life,
Disseminator of natural and medical science,
Cultivator of living creature technique
Having gone through all the difficulties in the early stage, we also experienced all the pleasures and fulfillment of our growth. Gimsun Yan has remained surefooted over more than 20 years. With the principle of ‘treat people with sincerity and do business with honesty’, we wish to sustain our business permanently, playing the roles of ‘facilitator of healthy life’, ‘disseminator of natural medicine’ and ‘cultivator of biotechnology’.